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June 23, 2018

There is some sports equipment you can travel with—skis and skateboards—and some you can’t. Though many have tried, bikes are cumbersome and off-putting to take places. Some are so darn large, you can’t even fit them in your garage or apartment, which means no bike for you unless you spend a ridiculous amount of money renting one.

Instead of trying to foolishly take a full-sized bike onto a metro, get with the times and get a folding e-bike. They might cost a little more, but they pay off in terms of convenience and swagger. Plus, you can even fit one in a tiny, tiny studio apartment.

If we haven’t convinced you with the bluster above, here are some even more specific reasons:

  1.     Fits in surprisingly small spaces. A folding e-bike can be stored in places you never dreamed of, including the backseat of your car or your tiny, tiny apartment closet. It is mind-blowing how such a sturdy piece of equipment can fold up so compact; at almost a third of its original size, it can even fit under your work desk. Convenient, right?
  2.     Easy to carry. Sometimes you can’t bike to your final destination, but you could really use a bike once you get there. Foldable e-bikes fit on trains, buses, and taxis. It’s just like having a travel buddy, without all the arguments.
  3.    Let’s you explore. Whether it’s your own neighborhood or a vacation destination, folding e-bikes allow for both practical transportation and whimsical discovery. On the metro or in a car, you might miss that gem of a gift shop or that uber-hip cafe where all the baristas have well-groomed beards and side gigs. On your e-bike, you’ll get to savor the local flavor without worrying about metro schedules or parking.
  4.    Saves you $ and time. Renting a bike is annoying, expensive and uninspiring. Why ride on a dirty used bike with no personality when you could grab your own ride, already set to your own specs and accessorized with the hot new add-ons that matter to you? You can also save gas while commuting - whether to work or to happy hour - and best of all, avoid traffic.

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