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January 09, 2019

There are occasional times a traditional bike can replace a car for your commute. Cars can go faster than your legs can bear, eliminate puddles of sweat from staining your shirt, power over hills easily, and make long distances feel shorter.

Our stylish and durable electric scooters solve problems a traditional bike or car cannot. They even contribute to solving global problems, and hey, can’t we all enjoy the feeling of doing good before we’ve arrived at our desks?

Electric scooters are clean and sustainable.Since they rely on a rechargeable battery pack, e-scooters do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere, nor do they use limited resources the way cars do. Want to make them 100% clean? Use a green electricity provider or a solar panel to generate electricity at home! Using a regular socket, batteries can be recharged within about three to four hours, and your commutes to and from work will reduce your carbon footprint by several  tonnes of CO2. Even a compact SUV built in 2016 and driven only 20,000 miles a year will contribute over 6 tonnes of CO2 per year. We’re guessing in real life, your car is older, and you drive a lot more than that.

Electric scooter will get you there faster.Before you balk and say,How could that be? Cars can go way faster than e-scooters!, let me counter with this little thing called rush hour. From small towns to big cities, rush hour clogs up roadways, frustrates drivers, and sucks up precious time. Traffic is so bad in some places (ahem, Los Angeles) that even a regular bike could cut your commute time in half. Add to that electricity (!), and the option to cut distance through alternate routes cars cannot access, and you’ll find yourself with extra time in the mornings to enjoy a coffee and brag about your sweet new electric scooter on social media before you start work.

E-bikes will save you from arriving all sweaty and gross. Unless you’re an amazing and precious rare unicorn who doesn’t sweat after an intense bike ride, a strenuous commute will get your pores pumping. Stop yourself from feeling gross all day, or worse yet, leaving a bad impression at an important client meeting because of the sweat creeping down your collar. Instead, arrive at the office nice and fresh, and not too exhausted to do your work. 


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